Pre-season Training Camp

The new cycling season was started filled with expectations, excitement and vigour. We packed our bikes and took the first flight to Mallorca for some of the best cycling in Europe at this time of the year. Only to realize that rarely do you feel more humiliated than you do when you reach the first relatively easy climbs and you feel like you’re hitting what seems to be a stone wall.

“Should’ve trained during the winter. Should’ve trained during the winter. Fuck. I’m gonna die.”

After a few days the legs started coming back a bit but there’s still a hell of a lot to do before entering any races.

Overall Mallorca offered some amazing cycling with beautiful sceneries and great food. The climbs aren’t the longest or the steepest but tough enough to make you hurt like hell if you’re pushing it. All you need for a perfect training camp.

7 days, 700 km, 7000m climbed. A good start.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-season Training Camp

  1. Everybody i know who travels anywhere to cycle tells me about Mallorca…i’m going to have to give those climbs a go.

  2. The climbs aren’t as steep or long as in the Alps but it means you’ll just kill yourself riding them faster. A great place to start or end the season since the climate is much warmer than it is in continental Europe.

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